Kids Cooking Club Coming Soon!
Chef Bug + Chef Lou

Kids Cooking Club Coming Soon!

Kids Cooking Club is a monthly series geared toward 5 – 13 year old ‘chefs in training’. Both my girls love to bake, and we are thrilled to share some tips and tricks with our foodie friends! Each month the topic and difficulty level will vary + a kid-friendly recipe will be shared to practice each new skill. 🙂

Chefs just wanna have fun!

Session #1 – Elbows Off the Counter! Measuring Dry and Wet Ingredients (beginner)

Session #2 – Blanch, Peel + Chop! How to Prep Stone Fruit (intermediate)

Session #3 – Give it a Whiz! The Basics of Blending (beginner/intermediate)

Session #4 – Cookies Anytime! How to Freeze Dough (beginner)

Session #5 – Flake On! The Secret to the Perfect Pie Crust (intermediate/advanced)

Session #6 – Hot vs. Cold! Why Temperature Matters When Baking (intermediate/advanced)

Session #7 – Candy 101! Homemade Treats for Giving (all levels)

Session #8 – Cookie Exchange! Baking Ahead Never Tasted So Good (all levels)

Looking for some cookbook inspiration? We love cookbooks with lots of details + lots of pictures. These are some of our favorites!

America’s Test Kitchen: The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs
Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones
Bouchon Bakery

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