Peanut Butter M&M Cookie Pie

Young or old, everyone enjoys a pie, especially when it’s filled with cookie dough!  Make this cookie pie even easier by using a pre-made pie crust.  Mix it up however you like with different flavors of M&Ms and chocolate chips!   Last week I found myself in an all too familiar pinch.  Too much to […]

Strawberry Romanoff Tart

All your favorite Parisian flavors in a no bake dessert!  Strawberry Romanoff Tart is a cool, creamy pie that is perfect for summer entertaining.   My love affair with all things French began when I read a book about an American chef traveling in France with a small group of friends.  They rented a cottage in the […]

Easy Lime Tartlets

Not only is the from scratch lime curd made with WHOLE eggs, but these bite-size lime tartlets have only FIVE ingredients!!! It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here!  Fresh air and sunshine have me squealing for joy, and I think our snowy, cold winter is finally behind us in the Midwest.  I can […]

Mint S’more Hand Pies

Mint + Chocolate + Marshmallow = 3.1415 Hand Pies (give or take) 😉 When your husband is a scientist and you’re a baker, there’s really no excuse NOT to celebrate Pi Day!   It does seem a bit ironic that my math whiz husband, you know, the one who doesn’t crave sweets much, just happens […]

Plum Blackberry Cobbler

Cobbler is a great no fuss, rustic dessert that’s sure to please for a weeknight dessert or weekend entertaining.  Add a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of  cream to take this simple dessert over the top! I’m one of those people who cannot shop from a grocery list.  I make them (I even […]