Spiced Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

This Spiced Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream is made with 100% Organic COCOZIA Coconut Water!  Not only is it dairy free and vegan, but it contains no refined sugar!  Pssst, it tastes pretty good, too! 🙂  When COCOZIA contacted me to do a product review of their coconut water, I was eager to try it!  I […]

Buttermilk Ice Cream with Cherry Compote & Pecan Crunch

I get a bit nostalgic when the fresh Michigan cherries start popping up at the markets in Ohio.  As a child I spent quite a few summers at my grandparent’s cottage on a lake in Northern Michigan.  Traverse City hosts the National Cherry Festival in July, and although it’s become more of a tourist attraction […]