Mississippi Mud Parfaits

A truly decadent pie, but in single serving portions! ¬†All the yumminess, (almost) none of the guilt. ūüėČ In an effort to be more efficient and organized, we took down our Christmas tree last weekend. ¬†Then we had the most gorgeous snowfall yesterday, and I found myself wishing I could gaze at my tree, framed […]

Berry Meringues

An elegant dessert with lots of fabulous textures! ¬†I used frozen berries to make the sauce so you can make it winter, spring, summer or fall!! And…..it has arrived! ¬†The day I have been looking forward to since Mary burned Bate’s train ticket and Rose kicked off her debutante ball by dancing with the Prince […]

Almond Lace Napoleons

It’s Date Night @¬†Spoonful of Foodies! ¬†Our foodie Facebook group is whipping up a menu especially for sweethearts! ¬†Cue a tuck the hair behind the ear with a sexy smile here. ¬†I’m contributing a dessert, which means I’ll be one of the last bloggers to share my recipe. ¬†Check out the awesome dishes my foodies […]

Brownie Cheesecake Dip

Much to the chagrin of my husband, I am not a camper. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I love campfires, hiking and star gazing, BUT I also love comfortable beds, flushing toilets and air conditioning! ¬†Even so, I have two little girls who are begging to go camping, so we are going to compromise! On June […]