About the Baker

Pearls + Girls

Hi, I’m Katie!  Thanks for checking out my baking blog, Pearls + Girls!  I’m excited to share random factoids about myself and my family, as well as my successes (and let’s face it, failures) in life and in the kitchen!

Pearls + Girls

My husband and I live on a tree lined street in the heart of Ohio with our two young daughters and 100 lb lap dog.  After teaching elementary school for 8 years, I decided to take a stab at the world of SAHM-hood.  Whoa!  I am blown away by all the free time I have now (which, of course, is why I am updating my blog at 1:51 am).  Seriously though, it’s the most rewarding job in the world, and allows me time to bake while they are napping running around the house in various costumes and/or their underwear…..


I love to cook AND bake, but baking brings me the most joy! I figure if you’re going to spend the calories on dessert, make sure it’s awesome, otherwise, why bother?  I hope you find something delicious to inspire you to get out your mixing bowls and whisk courtesy of Pearls + Girls!  Enjoy! 🙂

Pearls + Girls

You can read about the inspiration behind Pearls + Girls here.  You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.