This One’s For The Girls September

This One's For The Girls September ~ Pearls + Girls

This One’s for the Big Girls…..

Reading –  While I was browsing the cookbook aisle at the library last week I came across Fat Witch Bake Sale.  The title sure gave me a chuckle he he!  The pages are filled with classic bake sale recipes for cakes, breads and cookies that would please anyone with a sweet tooth.  I can’t wait to try the Intensely Italian Espresso-Chocolate Bars, I was drooling just reading the recipe….  

Watching –   After years without cable, the hubby and I decided to give Sling TV a try.  I absolutely LOVE having HGTV and Food Network at my fingertips again!  Binge watching Property Brothers and Cutthroat Kitchen on a lazy Sunday afternoon is basically my definition of perfection!!

Learning –  Our closets are filled to the brim and our basement is scattered with boxes and Rubbermaid tubs, several of which have never even been opened since we moved here (gulp) almost 10 years ago!  My goal for this fall is to learn to let go of STUFF!  I am tackling one closet or one tub at a time, one week at a time.  I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this, am I right?!?!  

Loving –  I’m always looking for mom-spiration in the blogging world, and I recently discovered Emily @ The Freckled Fox.  She’s a twenty-something mama to five kids under 5 (yep, you read that right) and her husband is currently battling cancer.  Talk about inspiration, this lady is amazing!!

Creating –  Autumn is HERE, and I could not be more excited! 🙂   I was definitely in the mood to celebrate with some comfort food, Double Chocolate Banana Bread and Whole Wheat Pumpkin Scones.  Now all I need is a cup of hot apple cider and a fuzzy blanket and I’ll be ready to curl up with some yummy carbs and a good book….

Needing – One of my favorite fall family traditions is our visit to the apple orchard.  This year we picked 25 pounds of apples, so I need to do some serious baking!  This Apple Fritter Bread is on the top of my fall baking bucket list for sure!!!

This One's For The Girls September ~ Pearls + Girls

This One’s for the Little Girls…..

Reading –  I was on the hunt for some fun apple books for the girls to read after our trip to the orchard.  One Red Apple has gorgeous illustrations, each page looks like an intricate painting.  

Watching – We also found a fun video on Cool School’s YouTube channel about Johnny Appleseed.

Learning –  One of the things I didn’t love about my older daughter’s brick and mortar preschool experience was the number of worksheets used to teach letter formation.  I don’t understand what the rush is with paper/pencil activities in preschool, but it was a source of much frustration for my daughter (and me).  In my search to find a more hands on approach for teaching her to write letters, I stumbled across these Montessori inspired sandpaper letters.  We threw the worksheets in the recycling bin and never looked back!  

Loving –  My girls love fall just as much as I do, and they are seriously crushing on this beautiful weather.  I think we spent more days at the park during the last two weeks than we did throughout the entire hot, rainy summer! 

Creating –  I love to bake with my girls, so making some quintessentially fall desserts were in order this week.  My daughter helped make our favorite Easy Apple Crisp.  It’s pretty delicious on it’s own, but adding a dollop of whipped cream or a big ole’ scoop of vanilla ice cream takes it over the top….

This One's For The Girls September ~ Pearls + Girls

Needing –  I make my kids choose their Halloween costumes in July.  I know, it seems a little ridiculous, but ordering costumes early is the only way to ensure a truly happy Halloween.  My oldest daughter has some sensory issues, so if a costume has an itchy tag, the elastic is too tight on her arms/neck or if the fabric is too scratchy she will not wear it.  My solution has been to order handmade costumes from Etsy because the sellers are often willing to accommodate special requests or even custom make something to fit your child perfectly.  No itchy tags, no tight elastic + no scratchy fabric. 😀  I am so excited to share their costumes with you next month!

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