This One’s For The Girls August

Welcome to my new blog series dedicated to all things GIRL. ¬†After all, I am a GIRL, and I’m a mama of two GIRLS, so basically that makes me an expert on all things GIRLY, right?!?! ūüėČ

Ok, so maybe I’m not an expert, but I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite things each month to inspire some more GIRLS, big and little, to try a new recipe, read a new book, organize a new space or create a new piece of artwork.


This One's for the Girls August 2015 ~ Pearls + Girls


This One’s for the Big Girls…..

Reading РUsually I read cookbooks from cover to cover the way most people read novels.  However, I did read a real page turner this month that appealed to both the baker and the romantic in me, The Little Beach Street Bakery.   The European scenery and the delicious food were just a bonus!

Watching – As a lover of historical fiction, I have a serious obsession with period films. ¬†My current fave is The White Queen. ¬†The story is based on Phillipa Gregory’s novels and told from the perspective of the women during The War of the Roses. ¬†The sets and costumes are absolutely breathtaking!

Learning – You may have seen the announcement last week, but we are officially homeschooling¬†this year! ¬†Being able to tailor learning experiences to my kids’ individual needs is basically the best thing in the entire world, and we are loving every minute! ¬†Then again, it’s only the beginning of week #3, so my opinion is bound to change come December lol. ūüėČ

Loving – For some reason I am obsessed with no bake treats right now. ¬†Probably because we just started back to school, I’m completely overwhelmed and have no time to bake. HA!

No Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars ~ Pearls + Girls

Get the recipe HERE

Salted Caramel & Hazelnut Rice Krispie Treats ~ Pearls + Girls

 Get the recipe HERE

Creating – Call it the 10 year homeowner’s itch, but we (by we, I mean me, my husband just rolled his eyes and moved the furniture) recently swapped our dining room and living room spaces! ¬†Making the switch has given us room to expand our dining room table and make our living room furniture feel a bit more cozy. ¬†I’ll be posting photos soon in my new Home & Garden section, so stay tuned!!

Needing – We are in desperate need of a new trash can! ¬†I have been coveting¬†this one¬†for awhile, I am just waiting for my next 20% off Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon to arrive so I can purchase it. ¬†We currently store our trash can under the sink, meanwhile those cabinet doors (1970s era cabinetry, bleh) are basically falling off the hinges. ¬†I have plans to replace the doors with a no-sew curtain and line the inside of the cabinet with peel and stick tile to freshen up that area without spending a lot of money. ¬†I’ll be posting photos of this transformation as well!

This One’s for the Little Girls…..

Reading – My oldest daughter loves to read books about animals, so we are currently working our way through the¬†Biscuit¬†I Can Read series. ¬†He’s basically the cutest little yellow puppy you ever did see, so what’s not to love?!?! I also surprised the girls with a year’s subscription to my favorite childhood magazine,¬†Ranger Rick Jr.¬† Hooray for animals! ūüôā

Pearls + Girls

Watching – Netflix recently added Reading Rainbow to their kid’s show line up, and I could not be more thrilled!!! ¬†Any child of the 80s remembers that show, but I can’t help but chuckle when I look at the clothes and the hairstyles. ¬†Banana clips and neon socks anyone? ¬†What were we thinking LOL! ¬†Seriously though, I love how this show is being enjoyed by a whole new generation of kids, including mine!

Learning¬†– I absolutely love that my girls are growing up in a city with so many educational opportunities within minutes! ¬†Last week the girls got up close and personal with an Alaskan Brown Bear enjoying a rabbit for lunch. ¬†I must admit, I was a little grossed out at first (I’m the kind of person who won’t order fish in a restaurant if the head is still attached), but it was pretty amazing to watch his eating technique. ¬†Both girls were totally enthralled with the experience, and we stayed until he had finished every last morsel of his ‘entr√©e’. ¬†Of course, this exciting event prompted a slew of questions from the girls. ¬†We did a little research and discovered brown bears like a lot of the same food we do! ¬†Who knew?!?!

Pearls + Girls

Creating¬†– I’ve been following Jean’s blog,¬†The Artful Parent, for a few months, and my hands are itching to get busy with some paintbrushes, glitter and glue! ¬†We are gearing up to create some art with pressed leaves this fall. ¬†Jean shared her method of drying them in the microwave that I’m going to try, it’s supposed to be much faster than letting them air dry. ¬†My only fear is that they may catch on fire. ¬†Yikes! ¬†Here’s hoping I can pull it off!

Needing – My oldest daughter recently decided to grow out her bangs. ¬†She isn’t very cooperative about having them trimmed, so I think it probably is for the best, HOWEVER, she hates to wear clips and headbands. :/ ¬†I have tried countless brands from the big box stores to no avail, so I finally gave in and purchased a bunch of velcro clips from an Etsy shop,¬†Shining Star Boutique. ¬†Even though they cost a pretty penny, these clips do not fall out!!! ¬†Totally worth the money, especially if you buy neutral colors that will go with many outfits. ¬†Oh, and BONUS, she is running a special right now for free shipping in the US on any order over $20! ūüėÄ

Loving РI love that even though we live in a city we are only a few miles away from this gem.  We took the girls on an impromtu fishing trip last weekend, and the cool breezes + the pink sunset were perfection.  Moments like this make me wish summer could last forever.

This One's for the Girls August 2015 ~ Pearls + Girls



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