Spiced Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

This Spiced Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream is made with 100% Organic COCOZIA Coconut Water!  Not only is it dairy free and vegan, but it contains no refined sugar!  Pssst, it tastes pretty good, too! 🙂 

Spiced Chocolate Ice Cream ~ Pearls + Girls

When COCOZIA contacted me to do a product review of their coconut water, I was eager to try it!  I recently completed my first Whole 30, and I read quite a bit about the health benefits of coconut.

Things I love about COCOZIA Coconut Water:

  • 100% Organic, NON-GMO verified, Kosher
  • No added sugar or processed ingredients
  • Contains potassium, magnesium and electrolytes for ultimate hydration
  • Great alternative to plain water or fruit juice
  • Easy to carry, the 16.9 fl.oz. package fits inside my zippered lunch bag
  • Can be used to make dairy free smoothies, popsicles and ice cream

Even though there were snowflakes on the ground a few days ago, it IS officially spring in my neck of the woods, and I am craving some warm weather desserts.  What could be better than ice cream?!?!  I made a Spiced Chocolate Ice Cream using COCOZIA Coconut Water, coconut milk, maple syrup, cocoa powder, and a spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves.

Spiced Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream ~ Pearls + Girls

I love to make homemade ice cream, but I admit, I was a bit skeptical about the resulting texture of a dairy-free and egg-free ice cream.  I tried my hand at vegan pumpkin ice cream last fall, and the results were less than appealing.  Luckily, this batch turned out great!  I topped it off with some whipped coconut cream sweetened with a bit of maple syrup and a sprinkle of chopped macadamia nuts. YUM!  My kids have pretty discerning palates, so I knew this recipe was a keeper when they gobbled up every last bite. 🙂

 I received a free case of COCOZIA coconut water.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  The opinions regarding this product are entirely my own.  You can purchase COCOZIA Coconut Water from many retailers or online from Amazon.

Spiced Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream {Dairy Free} {Vegan}

Yield: 6 - 8 servings


  • 16.9 Fl. Oz. container COCOZIA Coconut Water
  • 1 can full fat coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup pure maple syrup
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder, sifted for lumps
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (or 1/4 tsp each of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and ground cloves)
  • 1 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • pinch of salt


    Make sure your ice cream machine bowl has been in the freezer for at least 24 hours before churning.
  1. Fill a large bowl with ice and nest a medium bowl on top to create an ice bath. Set aside.
  2. In a medium sized saucepan over medium high heat whisk together the COCOZIA Coconut Water, coconut milk, maple syrup, cocoa powder and pumpkin pie spice.
  3. Once heated through transfer 1/4 cup of the hot mixture to a small bowl. Whisk in the cornstarch until smooth.
  4. Add the cornstarch mixture back to the saucepan and continue whisking for another 2 minutes.
  5. Remove from the heat and whisk in the vanilla and salt.
  6. Pour mixture into the medium bowl and stir occasionally until the ice cream base has cooled to room temperature.
  7. Remove the bowl from the ice bath and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.
  8. Freeze in your ice cream machine according to manufacturer's instructions.
  9. Transfer to a chilled container and store in the freezer.
  10. Serve immediately, or place in the freezer for 4 hours for firmer texture.
  11. If making the ice cream a day or more ahead of time, remove from the freezer 15-20 minutes before you plan to scoop it.


The texture of this ice cream is best on the first day. As with all homemade ice cream, it is best to consume it within one week.