Pot o’Gold Cookies

The only thing better than finding gold at the end of the rainbow is……finding cookies!!! So I have to be honest…..I’m a bit of a holiday junkie.  I blame my former life as an public elementary school teacher. I scoured teaching magazines, websites, and The Dollar Store looking for holiday inspiration to make reading, writing […]

Mint S’more Hand Pies

Mint + Chocolate + Marshmallow = 3.1415 Hand Pies (give or take) 😉 When your husband is a scientist and you’re a baker, there’s really no excuse NOT to celebrate Pi Day!   It does seem a bit ironic that my math whiz husband, you know, the one who doesn’t crave sweets much, just happens […]

Shamrock Shake Cupcakes

Everything you love about a Shamrock Shake in a cupcake!  You’re welcome. Even though I like to toot my own horn about all the baking and cooking from scratch I do, I still like to enjoy a clean kitchen from time to time.  Which means that even when my fridge is fully stocked with food, […]

Pearls + Girls Goes Whole 30 {Week 3}

I just completed my second week of Whole 30!   Get my menu plan for this week and check out some of the photos of my favorite recipes from last week’s menu!  This week I really got into my groove with Whole 30.  I was feeling energetic, sleeping well and not craving sweets nearly as […]

We Have a Winner!!!

Congratulations to the winner of the Pearls + Girls Reader Survey Giveaway!  Diane, your $25 Amazon gift card will be sent to you via email today!  Thank you everyone who participated!