Fan Favorite Recipe Challenge

Ever wonder what Pearls + Girls fans bake at home?  Me, too!!!

So will the recipes turn out like this…….

Pearls + Girls

Or like this?????

Pearls + Girls

Read on to find out!!!!

Last month I challenged my followers to submit some photos and reviews of their favorite Pearls + Girls recipes.  I was so excited to see what they would choose!

Browned Butter Zucchi Bread ~ Pearls + Girls

Get the recipe for Browned Butter Zucchini Bread HERE

 Fan Favorite Zucchini Bread ~ Pearls + Girls

Morgan says, “ I made this bread to share with my co-workers (and of course, enjoy some for myself!)  The recipe was easy to follow, and everyone loved it.  Some recipes can be a challenge to double, but this worked out great!”

 Katie @ Pearls + Girls says, “I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe.  The browned butter really adds a little something extra to this zucchini bread.  The great thing about making a double batch is you only have to get the utensils dirty ONCE  and you can feed a crowd OR freeze a loaf for later!”

Brownie Cheesecake Dip ~ Pearls + Girls

 Get the recipe for Brownie Cheesecake Dip HERE

Fan Favorite Brownie Cheesecake Dip ~ Pearls + Girls

          Lydia says, “I doubled the recipe and used Hershey’s special dark cocoa. I took it to my women’s Bible study. I served it with Honeycrisp apples and graham crackers. It had rave reviews. The women all loved it. It was rich and creamy and paired perfectly with the apples and graham crackers. It would make a great filling for a graham cracker crust pie topped with whipped cream. I will be making it again for sure.”

Katie @ Pearls + Girls says, “I’m so glad the ladies enjoy this dip!  It’s an easy ‘make ahead’ recipe, and you can mix it up by serving different fruits/crackers/cookies.  Using dark cocoa powder is a great idea, I need to try that next time!”

Whole Wheat Raspberry Buckle Muffins ~ Pearls + Girls

Get the recipe for Whole Wheat Raspberry Buckle Muffins HERE

Fan Favorite Raspberry Buckle Muffins ~ Pearls + Girls

Robin says, “The recipe called for white whole wheat flour and fresh or frozen raspberries.  I made these muffins using regular wheat flour and frozen raspberries, and it worked really well. The muffins are delicious! I love the crumble on top, it really adds something to these muffins.  I think the crumble topping could be used for a lot of different recipes.  I might use it on my zucchini muffins!”

Katie @ Pearls + Girls says, “I’m glad to see the frozen raspberries worked well for you!  I love using frozen fruit to make recipes like this year round.  The crumb topping is a great way to add something special to any kind of muffin or cake!”

Homemade Brioche ~ Pearls + Girls

Get the recipe for Homemade Brioche HERE

Fan Favorite Homemade Brioche ~ Pearls + Girls

Robin says, “The brioche bread is amazing!  I bake bread all the time, so I was excited to try this recipe.  I just got a KitchenAid mixer, so I was looking forward to trying out the dough hook. It definitely takes awhile for all the butter to work into the dough, but the two day process worked really well for me.  I made this bread over the weekend, but I think I could make it during the week as well.”

Katie @ Pearls + Girls says, “Your  brioche loaf is GORGEOUS!  I’m thrilled a fan was willing to tackle an enriched bread recipe.  Homemade bread can be time consuming, but I love your perspective!  If you are willing to break down the steps throughout the two day process it’s totally doable to make homemade brioche during the week.”

Lazy Lemon Pie ~ Pearls + Girls

Get the recipe for Lazy Lemon Pie HERE

  Fan Favorite Lazy Lemon Pie ~ Pearls + Girls

Zoe says, “Recipe was user friendly, not too time consuming and my daughter was able to help me bake the pie.  It was delicious! Lemon, salty crust and cream were perfect together! Honestly I thought there wouldn’t be enough lemon but there was…t’was perfect actually!!”

Katie @ Pearls + Girls says, “It’s amazing how much flavor you get from fresh lemon juice, isn’t it?  The flavor really does shine in this recipe, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!  I love baking with my daughters, I’m so glad you found this recipe to be kid friendly.”  

Homemade Marshmallows ~ Pearls + Girls

Get the recipe for Homemade Marshmallows HERE

Fan Favorite Marshmallows ~ Pearls + Girls

Rachel says, “This was my first attempt at making marshmallows.  I don’t own a stand mixer, but I really love marshmallows and wanted to give this recipe a try.  I made them with a hand mixer and quickly realized I needed a bigger bowl.  I think you could use a hand mixer if you have a large mixing bowl.  Of course, it took a long time to mix them by hand, but I put on a YouTube video to watch while I made them lol.  They taste great!”

Katie @ Pearls + Girls says, “I’m so glad you enjoyed the marshmallows!  Not everyone has access to a stand mixer, so I commend you for attempting to make this recipe without one.  A stand mixer really is the best tool for the job because the tall sides of the mixing bowl keep the marshmallow fluff contained as it expands while allowing the maximum amount of air to be incorporated.  Your marshmallows look to be about the right thickness though.  Nicely done!” 

Baklava Blondies ~ Pearls + Girls

Get the recipe for Baklava Bars HERE

Fan Favorite Baklava Bars ~ Pearls + Girls

Carrie says, “I finely chopped the walnuts, so I ended up with twice as many walnuts as I needed.  Then I realized the recipe called for coarsely chopped walnuts!  I had to bake it longer for the bars to set, so the top ended up burnt while the bottom was still a little bit raw.  I am not a baker, but I have been admiring these bars for months and wanted to give them a try.  This is why I prefer cooking over baking, one small screw up and your efforts are futile!” 

Katie @ Pearls + Girls says“I love you for trying, girl!  The mishap with the walnuts was unfortunate.  By finely chopping the walnuts the filling didn’t have anything to adhere to, which is why it was burnt on top and raw on the bottom.  I know you’ve been craving these bars, I promise to make them for you the next time I’m in town!!”  

I’d like to give a big, squeezy hug to these ladies for volunteering their time and baking skills for this post.   As a token of my appreciation, some yummy goodies from my Etsy shop will be heading your way SOON!!

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