White Hot Chocolate

Thinking out loud……I’ll tell you my love story if you tell me yours. Isn’t it funny how people come into your life?  My husband and I met at junior prom (his school, not mine).  We both attended with other dates, yet I barely remember meeting him and he remembers the color of my dress!  I […]

Brownie Pops

A cute little Valentine treat for the kiddos……or for you!  Homemade brownies dipped in dark chocolate, how bad can that be?!?! To make these yummy little morsels of chocolate-y goodness, just bake your favorite brownie recipe, cut them into cubes with a serrated knife (back and forth, don’t press down too hard so the brownies […]

Pistachio Brownie Brittle

I turned my favorite brownie recipe into brownie brittle!  Then I bumped it up a notch by adding chopped pistachios and dark chocolate chips.  PERFECTION! What started out as a challenge to improve upon the stale, tasteless store bought brownie brittle purchased in a moment of weakness just became one of my favorite recipes!!!  Here’s […]

Coconut Cupcakes

Classic coconut cupcakes topped with a swirl of vanilla buttercream.  A winter wonderland inspired dessert that pairs well with a glass of milk or a mug of hot chocolate! We finally got some decent snowfall! 🙂  I’ve been dying, eh-hem, I mean the KIDS have been dying to get outside to make a snowman, but […]