Weekend Flapjacks

I’ve spent years trying to uncover the secret to the perfect pancake.  I’ve experimented with adding multiple flours, whipping the egg whites and folding them into the batter, using butter vs. oil…..and I think I finally came up with a winning recipe!  The reason I dubbed these pancakes Weekend Flapjacks is because they are made […]

Lazy Lemon Pie

I’ve had this recipe in my back pocket for awhile.  By back pocket I mean on my recipe ‘bucket list.’  By ‘bucket list’ I mean a box in my den filled with jagged edged scraps of paper ripped from magazines or hastily printed off the Internet in the middle of the afternoon night when I […]

Easy Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

When I started my blog last fall, my friend, Carrie, took a look at my first few recipes.  We were chatting one day and she said, “So I looked at your site.  Definitely not for novice bakers, huh?”  She’s right…..I do love the satisfaction of completing a complicated and time consuming recipe (I know, what […]