Buttermilk Ice Cream with Cherry Compote & Pecan Crunch

I get a bit nostalgic when the fresh Michigan cherries start popping up at the markets in Ohio.  As a child I spent quite a few summers at my grandparent’s cottage on a lake in Northern Michigan.  Traverse City hosts the National Cherry Festival in July, and although it’s become more of a tourist attraction […]

Browned Butter Zucchini Bread

Today is my birthday! 🙂  I have a firm baking rule:  Thou shall not bake her own birthday cake.  So I baked some yummy zucchini bread instead!  Don’t worry, there WILL be birthday cake, but in the meantime, I’ll have some of THIS with the yummy frittata (recipe for another day) I made for my […]

Almond Lace Napoleons

It’s Date Night @ Spoonful of Foodies!  Our foodie Facebook group is whipping up a menu especially for sweethearts!  Cue a tuck the hair behind the ear with a sexy smile here.  I’m contributing a dessert, which means I’ll be one of the last bloggers to share my recipe.  Check out the awesome dishes my foodies […]

Sundried Tomato, Mushroom & Steak Flatbread

At the beginning of the summer our gas grill was on it’s last leg.  Covered with rusty holes and literally falling apart, we rolled it to the curb, hoping it wouldn’t disintegrate on our freshly planted grass.  It was one of the first purchases we made as a married couple, so it was a little […]