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I stumbled into the food blogging biz as a means of keeping my sanity as a stay at home mom.  If I had know what fun it would be, I would have started long ago!!!  As a self-proclaimed introvert, it never occurred to me that I would actually make friends through blogging!  Over the years I’ve acquired the usual friends:  high school BFFs, college pals, work colleagues, but I’ve yet to make a friend that shares my passion for food.  Back up…..I mean, I’m SO LUCKY to have made SO MANY FRIENDS that share my passion for food! 😀


Rene from My Simple Kitchen was one of the first fabulous foodie friends I met through blogging, and I was so honored to be featured on her Blog Tour.  She is such a talented baker and cook, I’m always looking forward to her next recipe.  When I was swamped with birthday party planning and Easter baking, I made her Crockpot Thai Chicken for a quick and easy dinner.  So delicious!  This girl can bake, too, these Peanut Butter Cup Brownies hit the spot with my husband, a big fan of peanut butter + chocolate desserts.

What am I currently working on?

Food Photography!  I love to write the blog posts, focusing on stories about my family (especially my two daughters), but the food photography is a bit of a challenge for me.  As of right now I take my photos with a phone camera (whatever, so shoot me), but I’m looking forward to upgrading to a ‘real’ camera this summer.  I’ve started using PicMonkey to edit my photos, add text, make collages, etc.  I also started a Food Photography board on my Pinterest page to collect food photos I love for inspiration.  My ultimate goal is to have one of my photos featured on Foodgawker.

food collage ~ Pearls + Girls

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My blogging perspective is to bake from scratch.  I like simple ingredients, but that doesn’t always translate into simple recipes.  One of the most time consuming recipes on my blog is Apple Hand Pies with Cinnamon Infused Salted Caramel.  All the ingredients are very basic, things any home cook would most likely stock in their pantry.  But since the pie crust and salted caramel sauce are made from scratch, the recipe is a bit of a labor of love.   I’ve never shied away from a complicated recipe, in fact, I rather enjoy them!  You can transform flour, butter, sugar and eggs into some pretty amazing desserts if you are willing to put in a bit of time and elbow grease!

applepiecollage ~ Pearls + Girls

Why do I write what I do?

I love to bake, and many of the recipes you see on the Pearls + Girls blog are dishes I’ve been baking for years, tweaking the recipes as I go.  As a matter of convenience, I didn’t always measure ingredients, especially spices, and often discovered that the tweaked version outshined the original recipe.  But did I write it down?  NO!  Well, now I DO! 🙂  This blog is my way of cataloging all of these treats + sweets, with a few savory recipes thrown in for good measure!

secondcollage ~ Pearls + Girls

How does your writing process work?

When I started my blog I did everything after my kids went to bed:  baking, writing and photography.  I would often post the recipe in the wee hours of the morning (tech savvy bloggers know how to schedule a published post, I did not), prompting my mother to ask me why on Earth I was baking and blogging until 3 am?!?!  Hence, I decided to start a monthly blog schedule.  Now I brainstorm a list of recipes at the beginning of each month, then assign each recipe a posting date.  This ‘month at a glance’ approach allows me to make accurate shopping lists for ingredients and gather photo props, and most importantly, schedule sufficient time to create each recipe and photograph it.  I still write at night though, I don’t think I’ll ever find a way to tune out the kiddie madness during the day!

So I’ve told you about me, now I’d like to tell you about a couple food blogging ladies I follow!


Anita was the first person not related by blood or the bonds of sisterly friendship to comment on my blog.  She nominated Pearls + Girls for a Liebster Award last fall, and I’m so pleased we’ve continued to follow each other’s blogging journey!  On her blog, Kitchen Getaway, Anita shares the most amazing comfort food!  I think I would feel right at home in her kitchen overlooking the chicken coop out back.  Anyone who makes homemade gnocchi and chocolate eclairs clearly understands that the way to your family’s heart is through food!  Go check out Anita’s blog, I hope you enjoy her food stories and recipes as much as I do!


Megan was one of my Liebster Award nominees, and I’m so glad I found her blog!  She is a doggy mommy like me, and her pup, Winnie, knows her way around a kitchen, as all dogs should!  On her blog, The Emotional Baker, Megan shares some delicious vegan treats inspired by traditional sweets, like Carrot Cake Granola and Red Velvet Pound Cake.  Head over to Megan’s blog to see what yummy goodies she’ll be baking this summer!


I’m not sure if I started following Steph’s blog first, or if she found me, but either way, I’m so excited that she agreed to be featured on my tour!   On her blog, Steph’s Kitchen, Stephanie shares her family friendly recipes like Sticky Bacon Carbonara Pasta.  I’m a sucker for any dessert inspired breakfast dish, and her Nutella Pancakes look divine!   I’m looking forward to what everyday recipes she’ll be cooking up in her ordinary kitchen soon, I’m sure you will, too!


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    What a beautiful post, Katie! Thank you so much for your sweet words. Can’t wait to check out some new blogs 🙂

  2. Cathy Mielke says

    I cannot believe I will love another blog as much as yours, but these other gals’ blogs do look fun! I will be checking them out!