Lemon Straws

  I have no physical proof that spring is here, other than my backyard is not covered in 6+ inches of snow and the date on the calendar changed from March 19th to March 20th.  We’ve had a few ‘teaser’ days with temperatures in the 50s and 60s, then it’s been right back to cold and […]

Samoa Meringue Cookies

  Back in the day, Samoas were called Caramel Delights, and even though I told my mom REPEATEDLY that I did not like coconut, I LOVED these cookies.  Crispy shortbread covered in caramel and coconut and drizzled with chocolate, I could devour an entire box in one sitting.  Now I understand why my mom would order […]

Mint Brownie Cones + Marshmallow Buttercream

  Today a leprechaun visited my daughter’s classroom.  Holy moly, was she excited!  She told me all about the mysterious knock on the door, the hunt around the school, and THEN when they returned to their classroom, the window was open, there were Goldfish cracker crumbs on the floor AND a pot filled with gold and […]

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (Healthy Twist)

I love chocolate chips cookies!!!  So do my kids, my husband, and well, just about any person I ever met.  Except for those people who claim to not like sweets.  You don’t like sweets?  Well, I don’t like pickled herring, and that’s just about the same thing, right? 😛 These cookies are a spin off […]

‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Chocolate + Bacon Bark

Pearls + Girls is kicking off March with some kid friendly recipes!  First up, a twist on ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  This chocolate + bacon bark will be ready for snacking in less than one hour!  Graham crackers sandwiched between layers of dark and white chocolate, sprinkled with green scrambled […]