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As much as I love baking, after the holiday rush I tend to be a bit burnt out.  If I’m being honest, I’m not burnt out on the baking, I’m burnt out on doing multiple loads of dishes.  So I’m going to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee can of Diet Coke and share with you some of Pearls + Girls favorite kitchen tools.  They are used on a weekly, if not daily basis, and if you’ve been following my baking blog, you will see them show up in my blog posts now and then.  Like all obsessive bakers, I have my favorite tools, and if you are a baker, or even an aspiring baker, you may want to add these items to your wish list for 2014!  Enjoy! 🙂


French Rolling Pin

I have a traditional plastic rolling pin with handles, but there’s nothing like the freedom of the handle-less wooden rolling pin to get the job done.  When I am rolling out dough or puff pastry, it gives me great control.

french rolling pin

Cookie Decorating Kit

When it’s time to decorate some holiday cookies, I reach for my cookie decorating kit with a vareity of piping tips, such as star, wave, shell or simple dot patterns.  The squeeze bottles can go in the dishwasher, which makes for easy clean up.

Americolor Food Coloring

For really vibrant frosting, Americolor is my go to food coloring.  BEWARE, it does stain, so I wouldn’t use it when decorating with kids.

Disposable Pastry Bags

I really dislike washing pastry bags.  So, I don’t!!!  Wilton Disposable Pastry Bags are sturdy and easy to use, and they are great for decorating cakes and cookies because they are compatible with a variety of piping tips.  They also come in cool holiday designs!

Disposable Decorating Bags

Silpat Baking Mat

If there was one item I would take with me to a desert island (well, a desert island that had an oven, of course), it would be my Silpat Baking Mat.  It promotes even baking , NOTHING sticks to it, cleans up easily and can be rolled up for storage, so it doesn’t take up a lot of cabinet real estate.

Cookie Scoop

Cookie scoops allow you to quickly and easily portion out cookie batter or truffle fillings.  When your cookies are the same size it promotes even baking, as well as reduces the liklihood of bickering amongst siblings.  “Hey, your cookie is bigger than mine!”  Not that they won’t find something else to fight about, but I’d prefer they’d do it somewhere else, and not in my kitchen.

Product Details

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Some people have appliance caddies for their toaster, blender and mixer.  Not me.  I display my KitchenAid mixer proudly on my kitchen counter.  I use it so frequently that the hoisting and scooting back and forth isn’t justifable.  I have three attachments:  paddle, whisk, and dough hook, as well as stainless steel and glass mixing bowls, which allow me to make a variety of doughs, frostings, and candies.  A hand mixer will suffice, but a stand mixer is a MUST for a serious baker.

Cupcake & Cake Carrier

A couple years ago, I was given a Progressive Cupcake & Cake Carrier, and now I can’t live without it!  I can transport up to 24 cupcakes, as well as a 2-tier OR 3-tier cake.  It is easy to carry, easy to clean, and collapes for storage.  It’s also recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, can’t beat that!

 Stackable Cooling Racks

These cooling racks free up a lot of counter space for me.  They can be stacked three racks high, which is great for kitchens with minimal counter space.  The non-stick surface makes them a cinch to clean as well.

Wilton Chef's Advantage 3-Tier Cooling Rack

Grandma’s Cake Pans

I have yet to find another pair of cake pans I actually like!  These are old and dented, not to mention mismatched, but I love them!  When I got married, I registered for silicone cake pans, and the first time I used them the cake fell apart in my hands when I attempted to turn it out onto a cooling rack.  Not good…..  So I’m sticking with what works, because Grandma knows best! 😀

Grandma's Cake Pans

What’s your favorite kitchen tool?





  1. Cathy Mielke says

    Good post! FYI…..Mom would enjoy a french rolling pin, cookie scoop, and/or silpat baking mat (mother’s day, birthday, Christmas….) I really do enjoy reading your blog!