What’s in a Name?


As far back as I can remember, the holidays + baking went together like paper + glue.  We’d slather those sugar cookies with buttercream frosting and decorate to our heart’s content.  While my sister used every colored sugar and sprinkle possible to create her cookie masterpiece, I would painstakingly line up row after row of chocolate chips, or my all time favorite, silver PEARLS.   I hovered over the small glass bowl filled with tiny spheres, and anyone who tried to take them was met with my ‘evil eye’.  Yes, I was very territorial when it came to my favorite things (ahem, still am….don’t even try to take one of my dark chocolate covered cherries or you may lose a finger).

silver candy pearls

When I became engaged to my husband, I was excited to start planning our wedding day, but I was MOST excited to choose the flowers and of course, the cake.  Is it a coincidence that flower and flour are homonyms?  I think not.  At the bakery, I looked through an enormous book of wedding cakes, but passed them all over.  I had only one request.  The baker must find a way to include many silver PEARLS.

Wedding Cake

Fast forward six years, and I was hugely pregnant when my daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday.  If I was going to roll (literally) off the couch to do anything, it would be to play with my dear little girl, not toil away in the kitchen making homemade cupcakes.  Store bought cupcakes (oh, the shame) would have to do.  If only I had thought to sprinkle some PEARLS on top, but with my pregnant brain I was lucky to remember to take the cap off the milk jug before pouring.

Lia Party

After our second daughter was born, I left my job as an elementary teacher to stay home full time with our girls.  I had visions of becoming Suzy Homemaker, but alas, our two year old and newborn baby thwarted my efforts.  My unkept house and lack of sleep allowed those visions of PEARLS to become more and more infrequent, until they disappeared almost completely. Suprisingly, I didn’t seem to notice that much.  I was thrilled to spend my days with our daughters, experiencing every milestone, savoring (almost) every moment, as they quickly transformed from babies to toddlers.

Fast forward another two years, and I’m getting a lot more sleep, thus allowing visions of PEARLS to creep back into the dreams of my somewhat sleep-filled nights. Happily, those dreams of the past and in the present are quickly turning into a reality for the future!  Armed with my Pearls + my two Girls, I found a graphic designer willing to slap my logo on a chalkboard, and the rest is history in the making!

So with no further fanfare or ado,  I am pleased to invite you to come along with me as I take the plunge into the world of blogging and baking at Pearls + Girls.  I hope I can rise to the occasion, it’s the yeast I can do (pun intended, hahaha)!!! 😉


  1. Morgan says

    Congrats on your first blog! I’m so excited to watch and cheer you on your journey! If you ever need a taste tester… ahem! 😉

  2. Cathy Mielke says

    Clever! My oldest daughter always was a terrific writer, reader, and baker! Love you and wish you many pearls along the way!

  3. Milli Lattanza says

    Saw your website through your mom on FB.
    I was your mother’s supervisor when she did student teacher
    way back when. I feel I know you as at that time we both
    shared a lot about our families as well as “school stuff”. I think we
    met at her graduation from UT.
    Congratulations on seeking a new career and I wish you all the best in the future.

  4. Rachel says

    And there is a reason I am so good at keeping things away from my students …..I had to become a ninja to get those pearls away for you!